Looking Back and Looking Forward

I feel like I have so much to catch you guys up on. When I started ‘Student of The Father’, I didn’t quite hit the ground running. My plan was to upload once a week but I ended up with three posts. I know, what a shambles. I created this space to document my journey, but somewhere I got lost with the idea that I could only upload certain things. Lost with the idea that there was nothing to document because I was doing the same things. Lost with the idea that that was boring. How wrong I was. I just needed to look a little closer and from a different angle. I realised that in staying true to my blog (which is a reflection of my journey) I need to write about these things because they are a reflection of where I am now.

So let me backtrack a bit. It has been thirteen months since I left university and started this new journey. It’s crazy looking back at where I thought I’d be and where I am. I never thought it would take me a good seven months to find my feet. I’m still finding my feet.

I’ve got to admit. Although it took a while to get here, 2015 was good to me. I will always be grateful for the three hundred and sixty five days that have passed. Last year was not my ‘glow up year’, my phenomenal year, my extraordinary year- but it was close enough because it was good to me. I truly believe that last year was the year to learn and I’m grateful that I documented so much of what I learnt. I found that often, you already knew what you’ve come to know, it just needed to be put into perspective. A teacher never teaches without examples.

I’d like to think that I had two seasons last year, a dry season and a wet season. The dry season taught me that patience is a virtue, cabin fever is very real, things never work out how you intend them to and finding a job is hard. But, it also taught me some really important things, like what I want out of life and the steps I need to take to achieve what I want. It helped me to understand the real meaning of gratitude. Truly being grateful for the things I have that I take for granted. I spent seven months in drought so that I could truly appreciate and not take for granted the blessings that the next season would bring.

And what did the next season bring? A beautiful young man to mentor, some new adventures and relationships, but also the death of old ones. My wet season taught me that people aren’t who you think they are, saying goodbye is important, it’s important to reestablish boundaries and that it’s important not to forget what you’re worth. It taught me what I should and shouldn’t accept from people, but most importantly, the wet season gave me a clearer view of the future.

So here I am, yelling into the atmosphere, ‘I made it’, ready to receive the highs and lows, ready for the next eleven months. I am so looking forward to what is coming. So looking forward to filling you in on all my adventures, no matter how big or small.  Expect new blog posts every Thursday.

Until next time.



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