What am I doing? #NoRebekahJustNo

Help me.

Today is Sunday 31st January 2016.

It is 4:20am.


What am I doing up?

When I am tired?

(Actually I think I have passed tiredness now, but that’s beside the point)

(This will so bite me in the bum this week)


Do you see what laziness, procrastination and being unorganised does?

It keeps you up…at 4:20am…

When you have church in the morning…

When you are teaching Sunday school in the morning…

When you are getting up in a few hours.

And why am I up you ask?

Because this week, I have not prepared my Sunday school sheets

The Sunday school sheets I need in just a few hours.


So what am I doing?


Watching YouTube videos…


What am I doing?


Don’t be like Rebekah.


Because being unorganised, procrastinating and being lazy is bad…

And has serious consequences…


Have a blessed week 🙂

& feel free to share your #JustNo moments in the comments below.

See ya Thursday!



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