Valentine’s Day: A Post for Singletons 

Valentine’s Day is in three days and it got me thinking. We generally tend to associate February 14th with romantic love. Of course, not everyone is bothered by Valentine’s Day- the flowers, chocolates and romantic dates- but a lot of people are. With that being said, I felt it important to write something that had a Valentine’s Day feel to it, but also something that was realistic. Originally I wanted to write two posts and upload them separately. One post dedicated to singletons and the other post dedicated to people in relationships.

To be completely honest, I struggled writing the post for those in relationships. So much so, that I decided to leave the idea altogether. I struggled to find a direction and an end goal/ purpose for writing the post. Obviously it was more for my audience, but even still, I didn’t quite connect with it because I didn’t exactly know what I was supposed to be writing. I guess you could say I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe I didn’t feel the post because I’ve never been concerned about Valentine’s Day and because I’ve never had to plan for it. Either way, I don’t want to get comfortable writing/ posting things that I don’t feel.

I did however, feel drawn to writing something for those who struggle with February 14th. I’d like to say that I understand that people- single or taken- like, dislike and sometimes struggle with Valentine’s Day. Let me also add that I understand that people may struggle with it for a variety of different reasons. Maybe February 14th is a reminder of a loved one that is no longer here, maybe it’s a reminder of an old lover, it might even be that the day is a reminder of one’s singleness in general and that alone can be difficult to deal with. Today my heart goes out to the people I’ve just described, this one is for you:

Young singleton,

It seems that Eros is the type of love you crave.

And although it is difficult to be alone, longing for what once was or what is to be, there are others.

I want you to know that you are beautiful and you are loved.

But you must love yourself.

Because self love is key when preparing for the love that you deserve.

What have you to offer when you’re not content? What can you offer when your wounds are wide open and the baggage you carry weighs heavy on your broken heart?

You offer bricks that build the same house.

So bask in your singleness, bask in you, and invest in you. Invest in the single you.

Because you are worth more and you don’t need the validation.

It may seem like it now, but being with someone on Valentine’s Day (or any other day) is not the be all and end all.

I hope that you remain (or reach a place where you can remain) comfortable in your own skin, comfortable doing you.

I hope that you better yourself and never lose interest in bettering yourself, because a partner is an addition, not a completion.

You have been made complete in Him.

You are a beautiful ray or sunshine, shining bright, just the way you are. Shining bright without a man or a woman.

So grab ahold of the countless opportunities the world has to offer. This is your time, ‘the world is your oyster’.

Fellow singleton, this Valentine’s Day, this month or even this year, I hope you focus on the three other types of love. Who says that Valentine’s Day has to be about a significant other? Buy yourself a gift, go out with friends and spend time with family.

Spread the love that is so easily forgotten about and remember that your King (or Queen) will come.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

With much love always,



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