Called To Serve

It’s so interesting to think about how our minds work and how we have so many different thought processes. I’m always intrigued by the fact that you start off thinking or discussing one thing, and that one thing leads to you thinking and/ or discussing so many other things. Last week or so, I somehow found myself thinking about purpose and what God calls each of us to do.

It seems that so many Christians are at some point concerned about their purpose- what God has called them to do, their gift, their calling, the work that they need to complete. Of course, there are the general things that I feel every Christian is called to do. For example, to bring as many people to Christ and to abide by God’s Will/ His instructions. But I feel like finding your purpose, your personal purpose, is not always as complex as we make it out to be.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a topic I have revisited over the years so I know how it is trying to figure it out. I don’t want to sound like I’m brushing it off, because I know that finding your purpose is important. I’m just saying that sometimes it stares us right in the face.

When I was thinking about this last week, I thought about how I don’t think your purpose would be completely out of reason. To elaborate, I believe that your purpose is likely to be linked to something that your heart is naturally attached to and/ or the qualities that are innate in you. When I was at university, I met someone who told me about her sister who moved to Sudan. I was told that ever since she was little, her heart had always been there, she’s always had an urge to do God’s work over there. That’s what I mean when I say that your purpose is likely to be linked to something that your heart is attached to. I can’t predict God’s will for my life and with Him ANYTHING is possible, but I can say that I can’t imagine Him calling me to do missionary work in a foreign country. Or marrying someone who’s call is to move to a far away land. If God called me there I’d have to go and I’d deal with it because ultimately, I desire His will above mine. But I honestly don’t see that as part of God’s plan for me. I accept that I could be wrong, so if God sends me away to a far land, I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop and document all of the highs and lows.

I’ll be honest as usual, and say that I’m still trying to figure this out and I’m yet to find out if I’m correct. But thinking about this brought me to the realisation that it’s very likely I’m called to serve others on a larger scale. I say that because of the qualities that are innate in me. I look at my life and my relationships and the fact that I still give when I have nothing left to give. I dunno. There’s so much I’m yet to learn and discover. I just wanna live a life that is completely devoted to God. No matter what my purpose is, my prayer is that His will for my life will be established and that I live a life that He is well pleased with, a life that reflects my obedience and commitment to the only one that truly matters.

Peace and love



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