Tell Me Your Story. I’d Love To Hear It…

If I had money for every time I postponed uploading a planned blog post- because of something that happened, a random thought/ realisation or an inspiring conversation- I’d be rich… Ok, maybe not that rich because I don’t have that many blog posts (yet), but you get my drift.

I over-timed today to finish some work ahead of my day off tomorrow, and ended up having a really lovely conversation with a colleague of mine. For so long I’ve admired her work ethic and how good she is at what she does. She has really mastered her craft. I asked her how long she’d been a planner and whether she enjoys it and somehow we ended up talking about our lives and how we both ended up where we are. I was inspired by her journey and what she’d learnt and I quickly realised that we’re not actually that different.

I can’t repeat the whole conversation, but I really enjoyed listening. I loved our conversation because I found that/ I was reminded that:

  1. She’s not where she thought she’d be, or even where she planned to be, but she’s doing great.
  2. You’re definitely not going to know it all at eighteen.
  3. It’s often better to try something and know for certain that it isn’t for you, then work towards what is for you.
  4. Life’s darker seasons are essential. They promote growth and are key to getting you to where you need to be.
  5. Keep pushing. Every aspect of a journey is important. Things fall into place.
  6. Just like me, my colleague can’t live life ‘winging it’. Not all the time anyway.
  7. Just like me, she understands how life can become routine and how easy it is to get lost in our own little bubbles. We both admire travelling, indulging in other cultures and breaking free from our everyday lives.
  8. Travelling is bloody expensive…
  9. But so worthwhile.
  10. There’s no need to plan every single detail of a trip.
  11. The time is now.
  12. The same way that I realised fashion really wasn’t for me, is the same way Mexico made her realise that the life she thought she’d live wasn’t for her and didn’t fit in with her ideals.
  13. There is always something to learn, always a story to tell and always a story that needs to be heard.
  14. You’ll be absolutely fine.

Today, my prayer for you is this:

I hope that you will be inspired and you never grow tired of pushing to achieve what you’ve always wanted. If it’s dark where you are, I pray that the light shines through and you are patient and hopeful in your waiting.

You’ll be alright.

Love, love and more love



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