April Aims

Tomorrow is the 1st of April, the start of a new month. With that being said, I wanted to encourage you do something you’ve always wanted to do, to achieve a goal of yours. In my last post, I spoke about how time seems to run away from us, and how I don’t want to get lost in my routine, and wonder where all the years went. I’ve found that part of getting lost in a routine is forgetting about or putting off the goals we have set for ourselves. ‘I’ll do it later’ or ‘I need to do a, b and c first before I reach goal d’. I understand that things are a lot easier said than done and life does get in the way sometimes, so I urge you to take time out of your busy schedule and do something for you. This April, achieve one (or more) of your goals. Maybe it’s a goal you set yourself last month, last year or even five years ago. A goal you never quite got round to achieving- a goal that you’d still like to achieve. It doesn’t have to be extravagant (30 days isn’t that long), it’s just a start and a way to ensure that our goals aren’t being forgotten about. If you decide to focus on achieving an old goal this month, I’d love to hear how you got on. Feel free to share and look out for a follow up post at the beginning of May.

Happy aiming (and achieving)!

With love



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