Starting Over/ Grateful 2

Hello again. I hope all is well with you and yours.

It feels good to do a little bit of a casual/ update post. I wanted to come on here and quickly share some news with you all.

As of September 2016, I’ll be taking another leap of faith. I’ll be going back to University. It’ll be the second attempt but I’m confident I’ll be graduating this time. Despite the fact that there are many people who are happy and proud of me for going back, there are a few others that think I’m crazy for going back. But I wanted to use this update to inspire you. Whether the chapter you’re closing or about to embark on is similar of different to mine I encourage you to stand firm in the choice you’ve made. I’m reminded that although hard, overcoming got me here. Also, that it is my turn to succeed and I will succeed because with God, I took certain steps to ensure that this was the right path. I find comfort in the fact that it’s my turn and this time I’m doing it for me, not worrying about proving people wrong and what others have to say and think about the choice I’ve made. I’m a few steps closer to achieving a goal of mine that I’ve always wanted to achieve.

So, from my chapter- which may or may not be similar to your chapter- I pass what I’ve learnt to you and hope you are inspired to…




Understand, accept and be grateful

Reach for what you’ve always wanted and take risks


Start fresh

Have faith

I am so grateful and I encourage you to be grateful too, and to stand firm in what you’ve overcome, no matter how big or ‘small’.

Love and blessings




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