Baby Steps

This morning, when I was talking to the Lord, I was reminded of the importance of baby steps. I’m guilty of sometimes getting carried away with what the future holds and getting to the next stage, not always remembering that there are mountains to climb before getting to the next stage. This morning, when I spoke to God I mentioned that it would probably be easier to combat things in smaller pieces. To start small and slowly increase. To start small because it is the small steps that enable us to take bigger steps. I’m reminded that a baby learns to sit up, and eventually he/ she learns to crawl, crawling turns into the first step taken, and the first step taken transforms into walking, finally a child learns to run. I will take a step, and then another step, I’ll find a comfortable pace and eventually I’ll run. I’m taking baby steps because I’m recovering from a fall. But I’m also taking baby steps knowing that I’ll be running soon and knowing that He holds my hands, He holds my heart and He holds my future, no matter how fast I’m moving. I stand in awe of the fact that no matter how fast I walk, (or run), in any circumstance He is there with a love that ‘never fails, gives up or runs out on me’. I look forward to the days where I can run towards a new job, a 1st class degree, a thriving career, a loving husband, beautiful children, everlasting friendships, endless opportunities, mighty overcoming and the arms of my Father, in heaven.

Love and blessings



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