It’s been two weeks since I uploaded a blog post. It feels good to be home. I hope you’ve all been well and the sun has been shining in each and every one of your current seasons.


It was my birthday recently, so I thought it would be fitting to share some of the things I’ve learnt/ some advice based on what I’ve learnt, now that I’m a year older. Some of these you may have heard before, some you may have not. I’ve got tons of lessons to share, but I’ve picked some significant ones. I stand in awe of how far I’ve come, and I’m so grateful that I’ve seen another year, with good health, joy and happiness. I hope you will be encouraged.

  1. I am proof that His words never return void, what He says, He will do.
  2. God always has, and always will have my back.
  3. I’ve learnt that I’m scared of something I didn’t even know I was scared of.
  4. I’ve learnt to truly not care about what people think. Gums will always flap.
  5. Things don’t work out how you plan them to, but they work out.
  6. If something doesn’t work, try something else. Plan B isn’t always a bad thing.
  7. With great pain, comes great joy and overcoming. (‘It may rain a lot, but it can’t rain forever’).
  8. I can’t help people all the time. I’m human.
  9. There are some people that will never be able to comprehend what you have done/ what you do for them. Some people that unfortunately do not know the meaning of gratitude, love, respect and reciprocity. I will never unlearn the importance of loving myself enough to set boundaries, say ‘no’ and put myself first, because somehow, people can still take and take and take. Even when there’s nothing left.
  10. It’s really important so say ‘no’ sometimes.
  11. Watch people carefully. I’ve learnt that people can’t fake who they are forever, eventually the truth seeps through the cracks.
  12. Situations can bring out the best or worst in people. You can find out about a person’s nature by looking at how they react to certain situations and how they interact with/ treat different people.
  13. Just because you’re a good person, doesn’t mean everyone else is. And just because you have good intentions, doesn’t mean everyone else does.
  14. Make promises to yourself, it’ll do you some good.
  15. Achieve your goals- don’t forget about them.
  16. When lending money (I’ve learnt not to lend money), give what you’re happy not getting back. Lend money knowing that you’ve lost control over what is rightfully yours, and what you should get back.
  17. Think deeply about what you’re about to put your (insert word here) on hold/ on the line for.
  18. Baby steps.
  19. I learnt that sometimes doors have to close- even the doors I fought so hard to keep open. It’s ok to feel sad when letting go, but it’s important to do just that- let go.
  20. Always be careful, always be vigilant.
  21. There is always more to learn.
  22. You’re still growing, even when it feels like you’re standing still.
  23. Never get tired of doing good.
  24. Never get tired of doing the Lord’s work, of being obedient to His call.
  25. Sometimes, love from a distance- love with wisdom and love with boundaries.
  26. What is for me, will be for me. No matter what.
  27. Unfortunately, friendships come to an end. Even the greatest of friendships.
  28. Age isn’t a barrier or a restriction when it comes to friendships. Some of the most special bonds are with people that are much older than I.
  29. Cherish your loved ones, learn more about them.
  30. Everyone deserves to be loved. Everyone is worthy of forgiveness.


Until next week

Love and blessings



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