Light In Darkness

When I look at this world, and what it is coming to, I can’t help but wonder: what is going on, how did we get here and how do we move on from this? I cannot begin to explain how sick and tired I am of this rubbish. How sick and tired I am of hearing that yet another one (or two, three, four and five) or my brothers and sisters have been killed. Simply because of the colour that graces our skin. I cannot understand why we can’t be free? All we’ve ever wanted is to be free.

I can’t help but wonder when there will be an end to all of this suffering? Everywhere I look I see people who think they have the right to take what doesn’t belong to them. People who think it is ok to kill others. If they want to kill themselves, they can, that is their business. But how dare they think they have the right to kill someone else. God is not a game or a role that can be played.

So what gives them the right? What makes them think they have the right? These people that die, be it because of police brutality, terrorist attacks, whatever the case, these people belong. They belong, somewhere, with someone. So why do others insist on taking what is not rightfully theirs? I’m so sick and tired.

Looking at this destruction and poverty, death and sorrow, I’m reminded why I avoided watching the news and keeping up with the world. Destruction can make you feel so angry, depressed and alone. It’s in times like this I look to God. Anyone could fall victim to everything that’s happening right now, I could fall victim to everything that’s happening right now, but I haven’t. I thank God for the life I have, and that my current problems aren’t as big as the problems others are facing. I pray that His peace, love, grace, mercy and favour will cover us all. I pray for those who are suffering, that God will guide, protect and shower them with His love, that God will give them something worth smiling about, something worth living for.

There’s often not very much we can do about certain situations, we just have to try and keep looking forward. Keep trying to make a difference. In the midst of all this, after my late night cries and morning/ afternoon rants, I had to take a second and pause. We forget that life has to go on, life still moves, even when destruction is at its peak. While I mourn for those around me, and think about the world, where we’re headed and this journey to change, I also think about what I have to look forward to and hope that others will see what they have to look forward to too.

‘Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all of the darkness’- Desmond Tutu


Take it easy out there.

Love, light and blessings.



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