Making the Most

Hello friends

I hope you are all well and this week has been a blessing.

On Tuesday evening, I was thinking. Once more, I found myself wondering about life and what I can do to spice things up a bit and break out of this everyday cycle. Of course, things are inevitable. Working is inevitable. It can sometimes be hard to squeeze things in and try new things when life can be so planned, so black and white. I thought about the small steps I can take that will hopefully contribute to a bolder future. I realise that I crave experience more than anything, being blessed enough to create more breathtaking memories and share what I’ve felt, learnt, seen and heard.

So let me apply what I’ve just said to my own life. Let me elaborate on the small steps I can take that will lead to a brighter future. As mentioned, working is inevitable, so I work towards my dream job, a job that I will love to get up in the morning and go to. But how do I achieve this dream job? By going out and seizing the opportunities that will allow me to get this dream job. By getting practical experience and studying to enhance the knowledge gained. University.

People often talk about something they did, further explaining how this experience turned out to be one of the best experiences of their lives. Often, this ‘amazing’ experience they speak of, is university: something that should be a key step to the life that a lot of people want.

I understand that:

  1. We should make the best of what we have and
  2. Almost anything is what you make it.

I also understand that my first university experience didn’t go according to plan, and I didn’t utilise the opportunities I had, that would potentially get me one step closer to certain things.

People say that university is great because of the networking opportunities that lead to big career ventures (you never know who people are, what they’ll go on to do, and how their journey could positively impact you), the opportunities to meet likeminded people which in turn broaden your friendship circles, the opportunity to learn key life skills and lessons, the opportunities to travel, the career opportunities. The list goes on.

We all know that the choices we make have such a huge impact on the future. I hope that by starting with small things, I can change my future.

Sometimes these big opportunities we wait or long for stare us right in the face. Once more, it is how and what we do with the opportunities in front of us, how we make the most of life’s tiny everyday blessings that we don’t take the time to nurture because the small things never seem extraordinary.

So, in light of learning from mistakes, past experiences and the fact that I’m going back to uni in September, to finish what I started (triumphantly in Jesus’ name), I’ve set myself some uni goals that I’m hoping will enhance my experience and in turn, lead me to a more colourful life:

  1. Continue to hold on to God and seek His face. I already know I can’t do this (or anything) without Him.
  2. Breaking free is an experience in itself. Sometimes, sticking to what you know hinders you. I challenge myself to break out of my shell and make more of an effort to talk to people and make friends.
  3. Be more sociable- join some clubs. Networkingggg!
  4. Bask in the fact that I’ll be in a new area- look around, be a tourist 😉
  5. Get to know my tutors and like before, be sure to use all of the resources that surround me. Definitely no harm in asking for help.
  6. Continue to be organised.
  7. Uni is difficult, so never give up and get tired of working hard.
  8. Always look at my vision board.

As usual, I hope I’ve inspired you to make the most and to seize the opportunities that look you straight in the eye. Why are we waiting for that big moment? Small moments make the big moments. Life is what we make it.

Until next week

Love, light and blessings



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