Brother/ Sister Love <3

Hello again. As usual, I hope this meets you well.

This week has truly been a blessing. Although I didn’t do anything that was different to what I usually do, it was different. This is a week that I’ll enjoy looking back on, as I was reminded how much I love and adore my three siblings and how grateful I am to have them.


To my siblings,

I love you, and I couldn’t imagine life without you. Yes, we have our moments, and you all can annoy the crap out of me, but I wouldn’t change it. Because the highs are so much better and last so much longer than the lows.

Thank you for redefining the meaning of laughter and happiness. Nobody banters the way you do. I’m grateful because each of you remind me what it means to love unconditionally and what it means to accept people the way they are. What it means to overlook the unlovely. Thank you for all the support you give me and for loving me unconditionally, despite my flaws. When all else fails, I know you are all there and you will continue to support and surround me with your love. You’ve taught me that the love you have for your sibling(s) is constant and never changing, it’s innate.

Each day you remind me how important it is to me, to spend life with someone who makes my stomach disappear. Each day you remind me how grateful I am for the childhood we were given. A childhood I dream of giving my own children. Each day you remind me that we are strong, we are blessed and we are loved.

You made me realise how much I adore being a sister, and how important it is to be a sister. I hope for more than one child.

So, hold these words to your heart: In darkness, I will be there. In light, I will be there, because ‘together we stand’. When you feel pain, I feel pain and when you laugh, I laugh. You keep me warm and nothing can tear us apart.

All my love



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