Society’s Clock

We live in a society that is largely based around timelines and adhering to specific standards and expectations. Everybody has their own ideas about when people should be experiencing certain milestones. Although these ideas may vary, in growing up and becoming an adult, I realise that for the most part, these ideas are almost always the same. Although times have changed, some things remain; like the belief that we should work by society’s clock and graduate, marry, have children, be established in our careers and buy our dream houses and cars at particular points (ages) in our lives.

I’m sure that people (including our loved ones) want the best for us, and are probably concerned if we fail to meet these ‘norms’, however the pressure that sometimes comes with failing to meet these ‘norms’ can cause people to believe that they must by any means adhere to these standards which in turn, could result in people making rash decisions that can cause pain and suffering in the long run.

In life, things don’t always go according to plan and sometimes that means that the milestones we long to reach can be further away than we initially anticipated. I wanted this post to serve as a reminder that we all have our own clocks that can and will never be identical to any other person’s clock. Our individual clocks are different and fit perfectly in accordance with our individual lives. It’s important to adhere to our own timelines and stop putting pressure on ourselves to meet these sometimes unrealistic deadlines. Just because getting married young or graduating at 21 works for some, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for others and that’s absolutely ok.

Remember that no matter who you are, or what you do, people will always have something to say or some advice to give. Be strong. I know how frustrating it may be to constantly hear people say things about a particular area of your life. Be strong and be patient. Sometimes we need to listen to what others say and sometimes we don’t. Often, the same people who pressurise us to meet their ideals or even societies expectations, do not help us to pick up the pieces if things come tumbling down after we’ve tried to meet these expectations. Again, be comfortable, be patient and stand firm in the fact that things will work when they are supposed to, in the way that they are supposed to.

I hope that we all learn to genuinely be ok with where we are and the fact that sometimes, the milestones we are waiting to experience will not happen according to society’s time, but our own. I’m not saying that we should be stagnant and we shouldn’t work hard for the things that we want just because things will happen in their own time, but what I am saying is that working hard for these things goes hand in hand with accepting and being ok with the fact that there is a season for everything.

Be comfortable in these moments and with the blessings that are present, in the present, be ok with your journey and stand firm in yourself so that the words of others do not cause you to feel sad, worried and/ or pressurised to make irrational decisions that ultimately only fit in with their ideals. You are enough, your clock is enough, God’s timing is enough; so no pressure.

Until next week

Love, light and blessings



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