Seizing Opportunities <3

It’s so important to use wisdom, and to know that some things don’t exactly come in the form we expect them to, but they come nonetheless. Just because something hasn’t come to us how we thought it would, doesn’t mean it hasn’t come at all. It’s so easy to pass things up because it fails to meet our expectations or because what has come doesn’t exactly tie in with what we have planned.


I am currently working in a field that I am not passionate about, a field that I will leave (and not come back to) in order to pursue what I believe I’ve been called to do. With that being said, it’s a good job and I’m grateful for this job as it gives me stability (in more ways that one), flexibility and provides me with endless opportunities to reflect, learn and grow.

I got this job some time after I left university, so I didn’t really have a concrete plan, but after some time, I realised that this could be nothing more than a stepping-stone. I laugh at the irony. Of course, I never planned to stay for a long time, but as I await my two year anniversary (that is fast approaching) I remind myself of the importance of seizing opportunities- even the opportunities that look nothing like I thought they would.

With the intention of moving on in order to progress in my desired career, I made the effort to job search and apply for other roles; but nothing caught my eye, and despite the fact that this isn’t what I want to do, I found nothing that was worth leaving for.

One of the things on my ‘Things to Accomplish In 2017’ list is: ‘get a new job’. Once more, I laugh at the irony. I thought I’d be elsewhere by now and I never thought I’d do this, but I recently applied for a role within my department. I had to look at the full picture and accept that although my blessing didn’t come in the form I expected (me working in my desired field full time) it is a blessing nonetheless. Technically it’s a new job, which means I’ve accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. My timings have been pushed forward but I bask in the blessings that have and will come from this blessing. More flexibility, more stability, more opportunities to grow, reflect and learn, more time to master my craft and more time to prepare for the next blessing.

Of course, use wisdom and evaluate your situation, but know that a blessing is a blessing and just because things don’t look or work out a certain way doesn’t mean we should dash those things away or refuse to seize opportunities as they present themselves.

So here’s to blessings in disguise, using wisdom, considering the possibilities, taking chances and grasping opportunities for what they are and not what we think they should look like.

Happy March 2017

Until Thursday



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