Daisy Chains

Hello again, I hope you’re all well and you’ve had a wonderful week.

Last week Saturday, I thought about an old friend. We went to the same Sixth Form quite a few years ago, and although we were close, some time after finishing we somehow lost contact.

Although I thought about my friend over the years, there was something different about when she crossed my mind last week. I couldn’t help but wonder why people rarely reach out to long lost friends, or why people fail to let others know that they are missed, or they haven’t been forgotten. Is there really any harm in reaching out to a lost friend? What’s the worst that could happen or what does one have to lose? After asking myself these questions, I decided to send an email (as I wasn’t sure if C had changed her number, and knew that an email was probably the best bet) and I’m so, so glad I did. So much has changed but it’s as if nothing has changed.

We’re still in the process of catching up, but this experience reminded me how much can change at any given time. As we go through life, we can get caught up in the adventure and the places we are taken to, and as we go through the motions we don’t necessarily realise what’s going on and how fast things are changing. Filling my friend in allowed me to reflect on the last few years. I was reminded that we don’t often realise everything that goes on until we stop and really consider all the things we have been through. Reflecting is amazing; rebuilding bridges or maintaining an old (but beautiful) garden we failed to continue to look after, is amazing.

Apart from the fact that I genuinely missed my friend and I was keen to learn about how she was and everything I’d missed out on, I accept that it was probably easier for me to reach out to my friend as there was no tension between us- we didn’t have an argument, we didn’t fall out etc, we just simply somehow lost contact. With that being said, I wanted to share this with you guys as (from this experience) I have found that there is security and warmth in reaching out. I wanted to encourage you to try and rebuild an old bridge. Reaching out may not go according to plan, but if there is someone you have lost contact with, that you still very much adore, and who you haven’t forgotten about, there’s no harm in seeing how they are, and letting them know that they mean just as much to you as they did before, all those years ago. You never know, it could make their whole day, and then some. There’s no harm in trying.

Do something different.

Until next week



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