Kebab at a Bus Stop

Sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan. No matter how big (or small) the change, we can still be left feeling disheartened, disappointed, lost and sometimes confused.

Today, I went to an event with my sister (or I was supposed to go to an event with my sister), but when we got there, it wasn’t very good, it wasn’t exactly what we were expecting. We ended up leaving (very, very shortly after arriving). We couldn’t find a replacement event/ place to go and the restaurants didn’t really tickle our fancy. But we had a lot of laughs, and despite some of the judgmental eyes, we ended up eating kebab at a bus stop.

Although I wasn’t disappointed by what happened, and this not going to plan didn’t alter my life in anyway, I was reminded that it’s the little things in life that matter. Sometimes we can forget that as we rush to reach the finish line. I wanted to encourage you to look at the positives and to- where possible- try and make the most out of every situation.

Until next week

Love and light



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